Digital Anthro, LLC - Independent Consultant
Full-stack software engineer, specialized in UI/UX design, accessibility, creative development and front-end development.

Let's Connect

Hey! 👋🏾 My name is Nate, welcome to my studio. I'm a software engineer and design consultant that delivers UI/UX design, front-end engineering software solutions.

I've helped deliver high traffic and large-scale software solutions for creative agencies and consultancies for about 7 years now. As a designer and frontend engineer, I focus on the questions, "How can I create a great user experience for people?" and "How can I make that experience better?".

With thorough planning, strategy and implementation, I help companies build applications that are visually pleasing, accessible and easily navigable.

Along side helping companies build software, I occassionally share my knowledge of coding and design through teaching workshops. When I'm not coding you can find me keeping active, traveling, making music or practicing my conversational Japanese.


My focus is on the design, strategy and development of web applications. I work with design, frontend and backend tooling to help create the best digital solutions for companies and organizations I work with.

UI/UX Design

Web Accessibility (WCAG/508)

Front-end Web Development (React, Vue, Twig, Jinja)

Interactive Development (Three.js/WebGL)

Fullstack Javascript Development

Fullstack Python Development

Drupal Front-end Development

Workshops & Talks

Avid learning and a passion for working with innovative technologies has conveyed itself throughout freelancing and teaching opportunities. I especially enjoy teaching creative coding which fuses art and technology.

The Collab Lab - Creative Coding Workshop (Full Talk)
Three.js Fundamentals

Women Who Code Tokyo - Creative Coding Workshop
Intro to Three.js

GWU Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp - Educator
Assistant Instructor

AIGA SHINE - Mentorship
UX Design Mentor

IC and Consultant Work

I've worked as an consultant and individual contributor to help build out these websites and web applications.

FBI Jobs

United States Office of Personnel Management

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Department of Energy

RP3 Agency

Human Health Exposure Analysis Resource

Freelance and Projects

I've worked as an freelancer to build out these websites, web applications and installations.